you may have already answered this once or twice, but i only just discovered this wonderful tumblr! i was curious as to where you ladies go to school? i only just graduated from college myself last june. just wondering because i think it is so cool that you run this fun creative site! if you don't want people to know feel free to answer privately, of course. but props for keeping this site running for what seems to be quite a while!

Thanks for your appreciation of our blogs! We have a lot of fun making posts and it’s always great to hear that people find them just as funny as we do!

And props to you, shukenator! (much time was invested in attempting to pronounce your url…is it SHUKenator or shuKENator or shukenATOR?) No one has ever asked where we go to school. We attend the College of William and Mary. Go Tribe!

~B and R

PS: it is about time you all knew this. B. does just about everything on the site that isn’t maintenance and thank you graphics. I try to get her to remind me to pull my weight, but that doesn’t happen very often. I used to. once. upon a dream. but that was a while ago and she is very understanding BOTTOM LINE SEND HER LOVE OKAY.


Do you have any tips on how to draw anthropomorphic female animal characters so that their body shape stays faithful to that of their species aside from being bipedal? Many female animal characters in cartoons and video games, like Minerva Mink (Animaiacs), Krystal (Star Fox), and Kitty Katswell (TUFF Puppy), are drawn with completely humanoid body shapes to make them look feminine.

wow, you sent in a lot of questions! unfortunately, ~this isn’t the tumblr you’re looking for~

(yes, that was a Star Wars reference)

we don’t answer these kinds of questions because we’re not really qualified to! I highly suggest you look into some of the great animation blogs here on tumblr— they might be able to answer your questions!


people are taking your pics and cropping out evidence of their origin. i found an example of this while browsing someone's fb photos. i'd send you a link but tumblr won't let me. =/

That’s really saddening and disappointing. I can’t really be upset because the screencaps and texts are available to the general public for free and we don’t own them, but it is disheartening when somebody displays your work without credit. We tried to get around this by marking them unobtrusively in the corner with the urls because huge watermarks are obnoxious.

I guess the only thing to do is to ask those people to credit us? I don’t know.

Thanks for letting us know. I’m going to go be sad now…


I just want to thank you for keeping me consistently entertained at work. I laugh so much that my fellow office inhabitants think I am certifiable.

You are quite welcome! We do our best! :D

And it keeps me entertained during lecture classes, although I can’t laugh at all. Because laughing while your professor is discussing the upcoming final (AAH!) is not advisable.


Hey, it would be really awesome if you had a button in the theme to click to the next page! I had to change the page number in the address bar every time i wanted to go to the next page; it would be so much more convenient to just have to click something.

The next button is currently on the right underneath the list of featured Disney folks. It says “Older” with an arrow.