i just wanted to say thank you for the drunk disney rec it was the best 10 min i didn't know i needed in my life

You are most welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it widowmargaery. Now you do know that you need it in your life, though, so you’ll spend all your time between now and the next Drunk Disney wondering WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN. Don’t worry; someday your prince will come… and then you’ll get married and be The Queen, not A Queen.

In the meantime, you can check out the previous Drunk Disney videos on practicalfolks' Tumblr.




Drunk Disney: The Emperor’s New Groove is out and it features our first lady guest, Richelle Meiss! How do we joke about a movie that already jokes about itself? Lots of llama sex jokes.

Hey look! Another Drunk Disney! We drink every time Kronk is Kronk, which, I know, is a tautology, and you’re gonna get drunk drinking to a tautology, but it’s our series and we’ll do what we want.

FRIENDS! DISNEY FANS! COUNTRYMEN! LEND ME like ten minutes of your time for a new Drunk Disney episode…

The Emperor’s New Groove is a fantastic, oft-overlooked movie. We watched it for a movie night my freshman year at university, so it definitely holds up well. And with alcohol, it can be even more amusing!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to vote for the next movie!


(If Kronk was having a bad day and tried to dance would he be a cranky crumping Kronk?)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the birthday messages, Anonymous, puzzle-dragon, jstar1992, starry-nightengale, windblowndreamer, catseamus, lady-del, corbinism, and yourockthebeatofmyheart

I had froyo instead of cake, but it was still a good day.

A very merry unbirthday to you all!

(Unless it’s actually your birthday, in which case: Happy Birthday!)


today is a special day.

that’s right! today is B’s birthday.

now before you all send her lovely birthday wishes via our inbox, I would like to say a few words about B.

firstly, I was planning to make an audio post. I had written out what I was going to say and it was going to be marvelous, but I have lost my voice, LOL. bad timing. at any rate, this message still holds the same sentiments.

B. my soul-sister and sunshine lioness. from the first day of high school when you and I spoke to each other for the first time, to a few days ago when I talked to you on the phone from the other side of the country… it has all been nothing short of magical. you have been a wonderful, precious friend to me and an amazingly wonderful person. I love and value you so much, and I appreciate everything you do. I could write a book of anecdotes, or another letter telling you how much of a great friend you are, but I know that you already know those things.

you are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. and you are capable of amazing things. because you are the Special. 

(sorry, I couldn’t resist XD)

happy birthday to my best friend and the greatest DLFLN/DGFLN partner ever.

♥, R.

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That Fastpass update only applies to Disney World parks, btw. It's still the same here in California ;)

To any and all Disney-park-going folks who may have read our previous posts about Disney parks… here is another piece of information…


Hey, update on the parks, Fastpasses aren't tickets anymore. It's now Fastpass+ which is online. And you're limited to using only 3 to start all in the same park. But when you finish the 3rd you get another and so on, but only one at a time.

Thanks for the info!

Hey loveballetedsh and other park-going people! Look at what kotakia has told us! 


It's the first time I go to disney in Orlando do you have any tips? I go in 2 months 😄😘

oh, man!!! I hope you have a great time, dude, it’s really a ton of fun :D

my biggest tip I can give you, honestly, is to pace yourself. there are multiple parks and a lot of stuff to see in each one. that’s why it’s best for you to decide which parks you want to visit in which order, as well as which attractions you actually want to see. make sure that that properly reflects however long you’ll be in Orlando. the maps provided in the parks (and resorts/hotels/online) have all the rides/shows listed, as well as places to eat. something that I made sure my family did was pick what we wanted to do ahead of time, where we wanted to eat, and which shows we wanted to see. that way, we had a makeshift itinerary to help us hit everything we wanted to do in the time that we had.

another tip I have is to take advantage of the “fast pass” system in the parks! depending on the popularity of the ride, you can spend upwards of two hours in line. that is no good, my friend. to get around that, when you get to the parks, check out the length of the lines before deciding which ride you wanna go on. you’re gonna have to wait a long time for some rides, that is unavoidable, but for the more popular ones, you can find the fast pass station nearby, collect however many tickets you need, and come later at the designated time. ta da! no long line!

shopping tips: if you see something that you like in a gift shop, it very well might be in other parks’ gift shops. it’s pretty easy to tell when merchandise is going to be specific to certain parks. therefore, don’t freak out if you leave a park and think “DAMN I SHOULDA GOT THAT ONE THING THAT IS DEFINITELY OVERPRICED.” there’s a lot of overlap between parks’ gift shops. having said so, everything will cost way more than it needs to. there are very few things that you can find in outlet stores outside of the parks for cheap. my family had a “2 or 3 souvenirs each” policy for me and my siblings. if you and your family have the time, I highly recommend checking out Downtown Disney. it’s a really nice place to eat food and shop—the largest Disney store in the world is there ;D

my family and I weren’t really into the whole “meet face characters” thing, so I can’t help you out much there, but just remember that they are employees. be respectful. if they’re not absolutely everything you hoped and dreamed for, don’t be crushed and don’t take it out on them.

random things I thought of last minute: stay hydrated, stay alert (you do NOT want to get lost/separated in Disney, it is really stressful), be prepared to walk a lot, wait a lot, and have a really fantastic time :)