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and so this entailed 9 minutes of pure awesome, in which R&B discussed (not necessarily in this order):

  • how they met
  • what inspired DLFLN’s creation
  • favorite Disney ladies/gents
  • favorite songs
  • favorite TV shows
  • majors in college
  • books currently being read
  • favorite character based on “text personality”
  • and more. maybe? they don’t remember, but it’s great, promise.

this version is massively trimmed. it was originally ~21 minutes long and consisted of R&B being mighty and powerful gods. this version makes them sound more composed than they actually are (in each other’s presence).

if you guys really like this, we can put up the complete version, too. let us know what you think! AND THANKS AGAIN, WE LOVE YOU! ♥


It was even tagged "Not Disney" I think people forget to read tags.

Yeah, it happens. It happened before, and it’ll happen again, probably. It doesn’t help that one of the step-sisters from Cinderella is named Anastasia.


Your last image was a scene from Anastasia. That's not Disney... I hope you know that and are just using the image because it fits.

We are well aware that the Anastasia movie is a Don Bluth production and not Disney. (Although there is an Anastasia in Disney.) That’s why that post is tagged with “don bluth anastasia,” so as to avoid confusion.

We post non-Disney posts on Fridays. It’s a new thing we like to call Free-for-All Fridays.