Some News

Hey y’all!

Posting might get weird in July and August because I am going to be studying abroad. The queue has a lot in it, but I think it may run out while I am away. 

So yeah.

That is a thing that might happen. Be prepared for the thing. (I will remind you about the thing again later.)


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I just followed "How Do I Put This Disney" because you mentioned it and have fallen off of my chair too many times in the last five minutes. thank you <3

Hey man, don’t thank me! Thank the Anon who suggested it!

Official Thank You: Dear Anon, for recommending “How Do I Put This Disney,” we thank you. It has brought much added joy to our lives, and our tumblr viewing experience has gained much from it.

Keep laughing, my friends.


Do you also run the Harry Potter confessions blog? Because for some strange, mystical reason, a HP confession is always sandwiched in between disneyladiesfromlastnight and disneygentsfromlastnight. Not that I'm complaining, but I think there's a mystery waiting to be solved here.

This is actually something that has been asked before? I think? Like I remember some sort of ask like this at some point. (Oh. Here.)

We do not run the Harry Potter confessions blog. My guess is that they also use the queue to publish their posts. Ours is set to publish at noon EST. (I think?)


I have a feeling you ladies might like "how do I put this disney". It's a completely adorable blog filled with disney depictions of everyday life things

Hahaha that is most excellent!