Disney Ladies from Last Night turned 2 today!

(Well, yesterday, really, but anyway! Excitement!)


I must appreciate the very polite way you answered the question about the three numbers without being bitchy about your FAQs like many other blogs are. You are probably a good person.

Thanks, man. I figure, we have new people following this blog every day, so they might not know the drill. Plus, phone number format varies around the world. 

I know I wouldn’t want anyone being bitchy at me for asking a question. Who am I to be bitchy at anyone else? Especially when they’re sending me asks! I love asks!

I mean a day may come when my courage fails, when I forsake my politeness and break all bonds of courtesy, but it is not this day. An hour of anger and shattered hearts, when the age of civility comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day I answer everything nicely and sometimes with quotes!

I do try to be a good person. Most of the time.


You do great posts, but I'm unfamiliar with the three numbers at the start of each text. What are they? And do you get these texts from somewhere or do you make them up?


The three numbers stand for the area code for the region that the text came from. The first three numbers of every US telephone number tells you where that person got their phone number. It used to be that you could use the area code to tell where people live, but cell phones and phone policies have changed that.

We get all of our texts from Texts from Last Night.


I run a TFLN blog to. *high fives all your hard work*

Aw yea! *high fives back*


I love this blog (and the Gents one) very much!! It makes me laugh, but I have a question: what exactly are TFLN?

TFLN stands for “Texts from Last Night.”


May I ask where, exactly, you're studying abroad? I hope you're having the time of your life!

You may! I’m in London right now. :)


EDIT: You can tell I’m avoiding my assigned reading by the amount of activity on this blog hahaha…

Hey R&B! I love your blogs so much! DLFLN & DGFLN have officially beat out Once Upon a Text and Texts From The Avengers as my fave TFLN Tumblrs! You guys seem like such nice people. I have cracked up here on a regular basis and pored through every page of both blogs on my Galaxy S3 on sketchy wifi - that's dedication, dude. I also have a request: Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph! She is so tough and sassy and I love her and Felix together. I'm a bit surprised she's not on here yet. K love you bye. -J

Oh wow! That’s a high honor! Thanks!

[I feel like all the TFLN blogs should be friends or at least acknowledge each other in that sort of “hey dude we do the same kind of work let’s bro nod at each other in the hallway” kind of way. This is not what happens, unfortunately.]

Calhoun is somewhere in the queue. I remember making a post with her, but I don’t know when it will show up. Maybe in a couple weeks? We’ll see, I guess.

I’m glad we seem like nice people. [I HAVE YOU ALL FOOLED MUAHAHAHA! …I mean what…]


FYI- The chicken from Robin Hood is actually Kluck with a K, not a C. *RH nerd glasses fall off nose* Also, this idea is genius. I saw a text from my state and screeched. : )

Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed the tags and the directory (I think), so it’s correct now. 

I always especially enjoy when I see texts with the area code from where my university is located or where I grew up. It makes me wonder if it was someone I know/knew…


Hope you have lots of fun abroad, lovely! <3


I saw this when you actually sent it to us and saved it in the hopes that it would come true and so far it has! So thanks!

As a reminder, for those of you who have forgotten or are just joining the party: I’m currently abroad (and R is busy working) so we might be a little slow sometimes. HOWEVER! The queue is set up and stocked chock full, so posting should continue as scheduled.


Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers (ง •̀_•́)ง

Oh jeez. Well, here it goes…

1. I’m currently studying abroad, which is fun because NEW FRIENDS NEW ADVENTURES and hard because OLD FRIENDS SO FAR AWAY and don’t talk to me because they have their own life business. Also TIME DIFFERENCE.

2. I tan and burn really easily.

3. I’m taller than average.

4. I like baseball and basketball and hockey and sports in general. 

5. I play trumpet and piano, but never at the same time.

6. I seem to have a face that makes strangers talk to me unless I focus on emitting my strongest STAY AWAY FROM ME vibes and remember to activate my angry eyebrows.

7. I don’t eat pork, but I’ll eat pretty much anything else. 

8. Lists make me happy. Especially the part where I get to cross things off of lists. Sometimes I will add things that I have already done just so I can cross them off. It’s satisfying.

9. I love getting mail (email, snail mail, tumblr inbox messages *HINT HINT*) because it makes me feel like people care about me and want to take the time to reach out to me which is nice.

10. I’m not going to pass this on to anybody because I  don’t want to show favoritism and all y’all are lovely. (…sorry?)



do not expect cool and insightful things. I’m doing this very off the top of my head.

  1. I have had 4 near-death experiences. Electrocution, drowning, and two hospitalizations. BUT I HAVE PERSEVERED THROUGH EACH ONE. I take this to mean that I will live a long life.
  2. I have three siblings. An older sister, younger sister, and younger brother. I feel really bad for my brother. He had to grow up with three older girls to boss him around. Then again, this is probably why he has grown up to be a perfect prince that (I think) no girl is worthy of.
  3. I don’t eat beef or pork. Religious+health reasons. Walking past that aisle in the grocery store is hard sometimes, because looking at that stuff makes me feel sick. So does smelling it.
  4. I AM GOING TO DISNEYWORLD IN AUGUST FOR A WEEK!!!!!!! This will be my 3rd time. My family is going to celebrate my older sister graduating from college!
  5. I am a premed majoring in Psychology. The MCAT terrifies me and even though I will not be taking it for two years (I’m taking a gap year), I have started studying. I’m awful at chemistry, though, so this doesn’t help my anxiety.
  6. I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY THIS SUMMER. I am shadowing physicians, working at a thrift shop (it’s very classy, actually, and all the proceeds go to a hospital), volunteering at a facility for kids with special needs, and assisting my pediatrician’s receptionist (her title is actually medical assistant— you have to go to school for it and get licensed). BUT I HAD TO DO HER JOB FOR A DAY on Saturday (she was at a funeral), which was so scary because I had to look up everyone’s insurance information to make sure they wouldn’t run out of the clinic without paying the doctor and then it’d be my fault if they succeeded. BUT ALL WAS WELL. I felt so grown-up and proud :D
  7. I finished all the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books last month. I read really fast. I just finished “Sula” by Toni Morrison and am now reading “Song of Solomon” by her as well. After that, I plan on rereading “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I LIKE BOOKS.
  8. I am currently rewatching “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.” It is a ridiculously funny slice-of-life anime about weird high school boys. Look it up!
  9. I’m running out of things. uh. In my free time, I have been playing “Ace Attorney.” Ignoring the fact that the game likes to pretend there is no real legal system (too many loopholes and close calls, not enough search warrants), IT’S SO MUCH FUN. 
  10. I really need to update my fanfiction.


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Quietdrive's cover of Time After Time is great. <3 Have you seen the AMV with clips from 5 Centimeters Per Second?

I had to respond to this just to say AMVs are the greatest thing ever. but no, I have not. I’ll look into it :)


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