Your 20,000 follower post was actually the best/most hilarious thing, thank you so much for posting it!! I always love the texts you put up, they always go so perfectly with the screencaps you choose!!!

Thank you! We had a lot of fun making that audio post. There was an awkward moment when my roommate walked in on us recording and we had to pretend like we were just talking or something, haha.

I make an effort to match texts and screencaps as well as possible; I’m glad it pays off!


I was watching Pocahontas when I recognized the frame where she texted "Don't worry bro, I'll be the designated kayaker..." and I nearly splattered the spaghetti in my mouth all over the table. Disney movies will never be quite the same again.

I am proud to have caused you to almost spit up. I feel like it isn’t a proper meal unless I make someone spit up with laughter.


hey so mentholcase was a doll and brought to my attention that somebody has reposted one of R’s milestone graphics. (thanks btw)

let it be known that i am without a doubt more furious than i can ever remember being and i am so severely disappointed and upset that i just can’t even deal with this right now. R puts hours of work into those graphics and for somebody to repost it and EDIT OUT HER TEXT. i just can’t.

NOT ONLY did this person appropriate R’s work BUT they also appropriated the work of the person who took the background picture that R used. she always tries to give credit where applicable and for this person to take that away from TWO people.

i know that the internet is the internet, but really.

it’s a good thing R knows how to handle these things because i am so DONE right now.


So it turns out that this is all the fault of…. WEHEARTIT! And somebody there or something. (I don’t know how We Hear Tit works.) So I was mad at the wrong person! Sorry about that! I should have waited until I had more information to be properly mad.

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