thank you for fixing the "next page" button! now I can procrastinate even more because it's easier to keep reading!!! y'all are awesome :D

No problem! Happy procrastination! :)


Maybe accept submissions? That could pad out the queue.

The queue for DLFLN is at 90, so I think we’ll be okay. I’ll probably continue making posts and adding to the queue up until I leave in late-ish June. And who knows, maybe I’ll have time to make some while I’m away.

We always take text suggestions, so feel free to make some of those! (Especially for Gents!)


In the past three days I've gone through the entire DGFL and I'm on page 65 of ladies. I can't decide if I have a problem, or have found the greatest thing in existence. Thanks for all the brilliant work and a new thing to browse when I run out of stuff on imgur.

Tumblr cannot cause physical addiction, only psychological addiction. And it’s a dependency if it interferes with the rest of your life. I have gleaned at least this much from last semester’s psychology lectures. So I don’t think it’s a problem!

Thanks for your message and enjoy!