Hi so I love you! These are beyond epic, thank you thank you!! You are brilliant!

Hey man I love you, too (in that general way that I love all of mankind)! I’m glad you enjoy the blog!



Guys, it’ll never get old to say: THANK YOU and WOW we never ever ever expected DLFLN to become what it is today! We owe it all to you, person reading this on their computer screen and wiping away tears of joy (what, shhh, we’re not crying, too…). Thank you to those who have been here since the beginning, and thank you to the newbies who have only just joined the cool kids’ club.

We love you all ♥

~ R&B

by the way…


I’m going to be there for a week, and I am so excited that I want to tell everyone, and so now I’ve told you. you’re welcome.


I’m so ready.

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Just thought you should know, in case you didn't already. That you are more than tumblr famous via imgur. com

ahhhh, really??? that’s so exciting!!! I’m all fluttery now :D


Its unreal how perfect these screencaps and texts go together... completely and utterly unreal. props to both of you. This blog Is perfection.

that’s really because B. is perfection incarnate. it’s just that simple.


stupid question but... how do i reblog you? i don't see an icon or anything anywhere.

hey, no worries, tumblr layouts can be confusing!

at the bottom of each post, you’ll see the time posted and how many notes the post has. if you click on the time, you’ll be redirected to the unique url, and there should be the reblog/like button up in the top right-hand corner!


Is one of you guys a Beatle fan? I couldn't help but notice that in your 10'000 follower image you matched the colors of Ariel and Cinderella to the colors worn by George Harrison and John Lennon on the Abbey Road cover. Also you had Aurora in place of Paul who was not wearing shoes too. :) As a massive Beatles fan I really appreciated the attention to detail. Still cool if it was a happy accident :)

I certainly did pay attention!! I wanted that milestone to be as close as possible, and I’m so glad you picked up on all the details! this just made my day :DDDDD


Honest to god, this makes TFLN way more tolerable/fun. Thank you. Thank you!

hahahhahah, I kinda get what you mean! glad this enhances your experience :D


This might be a seriously dumb question, but when you say no re-posting, do you mean re-posting without credit or re-posting at all? Also, this tumblr has kept me sane the last few days since I found it during a particularly stressful work week, so thank you! Please never stop :p

thank you so much for your kind words!

and don’t worry, it’s not a dumb question! by reposting, we kinda mean both. you see, you can always reblog from us, which is a double win because you get DLFLN on your blog and we get credit+traffic! 


I just have to say... this is the most amazing idea I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Thank you. Thank you.

thank you for making us part of your life!!


I JUST found out about this (from Buzzfeed, where I get all my Internet/Tumblr news) and I just wanted to say thanks for doing this, These are effing HILARIOUS and slay me every time. You guys seriously pick the BEST Disney/Non-Disney ladies to pair with the most outrageous texts, and most of them split my sides. Also I read your asks and this is for R: GOOD LUCK! I'm a second year med student and can say a sense of humor is among the best assets any premed/med can have. Best of luck to you. <3

Welcome to the DLFLN family, friend Anonymous! Your enthusiasm and joy really warm the cockles of my heart.

I did not know about this Buzzfeed article until you (and justanotherhighachievingteen) brought it to my attention. So thank you for that alert! (I don’t know how to add links from my phone, so here’s the url for those of you who have not seen it yet: http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/hilarious-disney-princess-texts-from-last-night?s=mobile)

R’s great sense of humor is just one of the many wonderful things about her. She is fantastic and smart and beautiful and has the best future ahead of her (I really hope she sees this.)