B you really need to go! As my friend said, "Disney Land is the prototype but Disney World is the masterpiece." Obviously both are cool, but Disney World is a lot bigger! Go when it's not disgustingly hot and humid in Florida. There are deals to be had as well. I love that you two include a wide range of characters in both your blogs. I'd love to see some drunk texts with Sofia the First hahahaha.

Yeah, I know I need to go! I’ve been to Hershey, King’s Dominion, Busch Gardens, and Six Flags, but never any of the Disney parks. What makes it worse is that  I actually lived pretty close to Disneyland for a little while when I was very young.

Haha I don’t know about Sofia the First. We’ll see what happens, though.


in “the life of R&B” news (hush, I know you all live for these updates), I wanted to show you kiddos the new extensions I installed for tumblr.

you like? ;D


It makes sense that you enjoyed Hollywood Studios recently, because I guess I might have fun there now, but boy was I bored there as a kid! Now I'm actually tall enough for all the scary rides there hahaha. A new question though, have you seen the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson photos as Princess Tiana? It's part of the same Annie Leibovitz Disney series, and Jennifer looks so amazing!

I HAVE SEEN THOSE PICTURES SHE DOES LOOK AMAZING. Also, I just love Jennifer Hudson in general, so, yeah, good photoshoot.

(And I have never been to a Disney park shhhh I am a bad fan please don’t pile on. R goes enough for the two of us!)


I love you guys, but I cannot believe you said Hollywood Studios is your favorite. How old were you during your visit there?

hehehehe, I just went in the beginning of August (for the fifth time)! Hollywood Studios is my favorite, personally, because:

  • Rock ‘n Roller Coaster
  • Tower of Terror
  • Fantasmic!
  • AFI showcase
  • The Great Movie Ride
  • Star Tours
  • Studio Backlot Tour
  • The Magic of Disney Animation

I love the whole blend of classic Hollywood film and animation, plus the rides are super fun! don’t hate XD


You guys are so nice! Someone else would probably say something sarcastic and mean if they got some of the idiot questions & borderline rude asks that you get, but you are so nice & patient. :) It's awesome!

Thanks, Nonnie! :)

I try really hard to be nice in my official responses because I figure I don’t really understand the motivation behind the ask. Maybe they genuinely think that after two-ish years of running this blog we don’t know to double-check which characters are from Disney productions. Or maybe they just started following recently and aren’t aware of the whole special Friday deal. I just don’t know.

(I do say some really sarcastic things as I’m typing up my responses, but y’all don’t get to hear those haha.)


Did you do the free for all Fridays because AssholeDisney started it?

I kept coming across texts that would go really well with a non-Disney animated character, and it made me sort of sad that I couldn’t share those pairings with all y’all. R and I discussed how best to introduce non-Disney characters into what had been a formerly all Disney blog. We even asked our followers what they thought. (The answer was generally “yes, please do it!” and “it’s your blog do what you want!”)

TL;DR - R brought up AssholeDisney's “Fuck-it-all Fridays” as an example of how to make a Friday special work. So no we didn't start Free-for-All Fridays because of AssholeDisney, but they were sort of a model for what we wanted to accomplish.