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Anonymous → hiii can you please post more pictures and less text posts you might lose followers from buzzfeed if you just talk about buzzfeed :(

Right now we only post one picture a day for each blog. The queue is set up that way so that it can be sustained while R and I are busy this summer. Maybe that will change when the summer ends. We’ll see!


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shatterlight → 1) I love this blog and everything about it. 2) I love your little icon. Whenever I see your positive asks, it looks like you're so surprised and happy that you've been crying. At least that's how it's interpreted by my brain.

Thanks, shatterlight! Props go to R for choosing our icons when we first started DLFLN and DGFLN.

I am constantly surprised by how positive people are in response to this blog. If I was a crier (and not in class), I would totally cry. Y’all make me so happy!


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itssoweirdthisweek-deactivated2 → My coworker introduced me to this blog through Buzzfeed, and then sent me the direct link, Best find ever! This had me dying of laughter at work!

I’m glad you (and your coworker) found us! Shout out (again) to Buzzfeed for connecting us with more people!


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imthedumbblond → 100% chance that you're the nicest person ever on tumblr

D’aw shucks! Stahp it!


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Anonymous → Hilarious! I just have two complaints. 1.) You keep putting me in the mood to watch Disney movies not available on Netflix and 2.) when I do see them or look up favorite parts on YouTube I keep being reminded of texts and laughing at inappropriate moments. You have changed Disney forever for me and I hope you are very very proud of yourselves.

Welcome to my life, friend Anonymous! I am proud that we have converted you to our childhood corrupting ways. The dearth of Disney movies available on Netflix is a constant burden on my soul. Thank goodness for the depths of the Internet, though, right?


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caty--cat → All of the pictures the that you guys use are pure gold and in turn, make each TFLN too real... I'm pretty sure my friend and I spent hours sending each other links to each post that basically summed up our lives hahaha needless to say I love your blog!! :)

Thanks, caty—cat! Link away!

I spend my spare time reading every single TFLN and sending my favorites to my friends, much to their amusement, I’m sure.


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Anonymous → Saw this question that someone asked you: "eskon peut xinxkrir dexu". Can I just say how majorly impressed I am that you managed to make that into a coherent sentence at all, let alone in your secondary language? Also, that there was a logical sentence in there at all? I'm slightly frightened ... I can see it, too. C'est evident à moi qu'on possède des pouvoirs linguistiques extraordinaires... ou qu'on souffert de la même maladie mentale... je n'en suis pas certain.

Haha I spent five-ish minutes trying to figure it out. I saw “peut” so I knew it had to be something in French. I sounded it out like a small child.

Dans le nuit je parle en francais et mes amis ne comprennent pas. C’est amusant pour moi. Mais c’est tres facile de m’amuser. Aber jetzt lerne ich Deutsch. Drei Spraeche! Sehr schwer!


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Anonymous → Between this blog, DGFLN, Texts from the TARDIS, and Texts from the Old TARDIS, my insides are hurting. Best TFLN blogs that exist right now. IT'S GREAT!

THANKS! I love TFLN and I’m glad I (and others) can combine it with fandom.

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always-be-present → I just found your blog and I've been sitting here cracking up for a good 10 minutes! Pure genius. You ladies are hilarious! Keep up the good work! xo

Thanks, alwayslovebythemoon! We will!


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mentholcase → I have made a decision. In the future, if I am ever found to be terminally ill, my last dying wish would be to have Anika Noni Rose, Kelly Macdonald, Ming-Na Wen, Irene Bedard, Paige O'hara, Linda Larkin, Mandy Moore, and Jodi Benson all in my room, taking turns reading all the posts from this blog. In character, of course. Yes, I think I could die happy if this happened.

Oh jeez I hope you’re never found to be terminally ill! But man I would totally lose it if someone read/acted like the texts while in character.


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Anonymous → I just found out about your blog via buzzfeed, and I went through 30 pages at once! This tumblr made my day, week, month, you name it! It's midnight, and I'm still laughing like a maniac! :D Keep on the hilarious work! :)

Will do, Anonymous! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!


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lacerbeams → Did you know you were featured on Buzzfeed?

We have heard, yes! The drastic jump in followers also clued us in that something happened (WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU, BTW). Thanks again to my IRL friends who sent me the link multiple times. That was well appreciated.


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