Regarding Saving Mr. Banks, I recommend checking out that movie's entry from the website "History vs Hollywood" before believing everything I've been seeing on Tumblr. It does seem that Travers was not a very nice person.
We're on a site talking about movies that have shown real people as everything from princesses to talking animals and suddenly we're being told not to see a movie because it gets someone wrong? I can't help but wonder why the sudden interest in absolute accuracy when not only has Disney played fast and loose with such things before but so has pretty much every storyteller ever.

We know that Disney does what it wants, regardless of things like history, physics, biology, etc etc etc.

I watched Saving Mr. Banks purely for the entertainment value. I knew that it was historically inaccurate, and now you do, too. (Unless you did already, in which case you still know! Huzzah!)

When approaching any media, it is wise to take what you are given with a grain of salt. Facts (the underlying components of a story) don’t speak for themselves; they speak through whatever frame of reference we use, and the story will change as we change our perspective.

I think it is very important to understand the shortcomings of the things we like. We can appreciate things in one area while being aware of how they fail us in another.  


If someone's going to say something good, people should know the bad. Travers wasn't sunshine and rainbows, either. Please do not praise her for being bisexual. She did go on to ruin the life of her adopted son after adopting him as a souvenir from Ireland and removing him from his twin because "the stars were not in alignment". There is more ugly history on Travers, but please do not praise her for being bisexual and edgy. There are numerous interviews before her son's death about this.

I just wanted to answer sircasey’s message with my opinion on the movie and the surrounding hullabaloo. I have no knowledge of P.L. Travers other than what I skimmed on her Wikipedia page. And of course she wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows; no human is.


I juss found this blog about an hour ago and i havent stopped laughing since XD okokokok love your posts :3

Thanks! :)


Maybe I'm a little late to the game, but I would like to caution people against seeng "Saving Mr. Banks" because it does not accurately portray the author. She was not the humorless woman in the movie: she was an outspoken, creative bisexual activist that had the title of screenwriter stolen from her.

I was actually against seeing Saving Mr. Banks because I had heard that it did not portray events accurately. I only ended up seeing it because I missed the showtime for the movie I really wanted to see. (I got distracted by pizza.)

As a movie, independent of any real events, I thought that Saving Mr. Banks was good and addressed some interesting thoughts regarding family. I do understand that the movie is problematic because it is not an accurate reflection of the author, Disney, and their relationship. Hollywood and storytellers in general have a habit of altering the narrative to suit their needs, as evidenced in many media.


My sister is autistic. I love her so incredibly much-- but it's kind of created this insane soft spot for sibling relationship drama, will Frozen be a hard one to watch for someone like me? I'm taking her to the movies this afternoon.

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer this sooner! (I have limited computer access right now.) 

Potential spoilers under the cut.

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Do you have any alice in wonderland posts you could link me to? And I would absolutely love if you made more!

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Should I go see Frozen today or Saving Mr. Banks

Well, those are two very different movies, so it really depends on what movie-going experience you wish to have. 

Frozen is sweet and hilarious and deals with sibling relationships. 

Saving Mr. Banks, while sweet and sometimes funny, is a more serious look at parent-child relations.

Both have music and both end well (I mean they are Disney movies), but only Saving Mr. Banks made me cry.