Hey all!

Guess what’s coming up! If you guessed the weekend, you are correct! But that’s not what we had in mind. 


And because Valentine’s Day is a day of love, we here at DLFLN are asking you to spread some love.  

If you want to, post or take your picture with why you love DLFLN and tag it with #DLFLNlove (no space!) by February 13th and then we’ll see what happens on Valentine’s Day!

Much love to all,




The newest Drunk Disney is finally out! Check out DUMBO and watch us all get really sad for a long time!

Guys it’s finally here and holy shit this movie was sad. Seriously, Dumbo is like torture porn for your emotions. There’s cruelty to animals and racism and clowns and just…. just go watch it. Go watch us get drunk and sad.

And if you comment on the YouTube video you can help us PICK THE NEXT MOVIE we watch and drink to! To help you narrow it down, we’re asking you to pick from the Renaissance Era (‘89 to ‘99). So go comment on the video on YouTube and you can choooosee yourrrr destinnyyyyyyy or something like that.



Remember that you can vote for the next movie you wanna watch our fave trio drink to on the YouTube video comments! Grab your tissues, cry, then vote!


It's so stupid that people are giving you crap over the nondisney thing. Maybe you should tag it "non Disney Friday" or something so people aren't confused. A disclaimer for stupid people.

well, the thing is, our tags for non-Disney films always include “IT’S FRIDAY!” and the proper animation studio. I’d felt like that’d be enough information to entrust people to make accurate assessments, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I had also hoped that, for the people who come all the way over here to visit our inbox, they might investigate our FAQ before spewing hate. that also doesn’t seem to be the case. at any rate, we might look into adding another tag for disclaimer purposes. we’ll see. 

thank you to everyone for your kind words and support :)


Hey! I just added the tag “free-for-all friday” to (hopefully) all of the Friday posts. So you can search for them using that tag or “IT’S FRIDAY!” Whichever makes you more excited about the end of the week.


Fern Gully or Anastasia?

ANASTASIA. because, although Fern Gully is great, Anastasia had a far more stellar soundtrack. also, Dimitri.


Also, we’ll keep those in mind for Free-for-All Fridays. Thanks! ;)


Because you seem to be getting a lot of hate on these (awesome) Friday posts, I wanted to say "Thank you." I love The Road to El Dorado (along with plenty of other non-Disney films) and am really happy it got some facetime here on FFAF. So thanks again for being so damn awesome. :)

Thanks, buddy! I guess some people get confused that our blog is a self-professed Disney-centric blog, but then we post non-Disney animation. It happens. I’m glad you like Fridays’ posts! :)

I think we actually started Free-for-All-Fridays because we wanted to use Road to El Dorado really badly. There are certainly a lot of shenanigans in that movie.

And we do take suggestions! (BTW, I’m saving your message, anewsgirl, so we’ll see what happens.) If there’s any non-Disney movie that you guys would be interested in seeing for a Free-for-All Friday, Ladies or Gents, please drop us a note.


Hey! Just wanted to say that your blog kicks ass and you are amazing. Keep doing your thing! Fuck the haters! That is all.

Hey! Thanks, man! (And thanks for the support from the two nice Anons, too!)

I think we have, by and large, the greatest group of followers. Very rarely have we received any purely negative commentary. (We all grow through constructive criticism, but being mean just makes people sad. Don’t make people sad.)

When y’all do send messages, they are mostly wonderful darling notes that we cherish (hoo boy I sound sappy). And your words of encouragement definitely spur us on to pursue higher heights of hilarity and happiness. Alliteration aside, we just love bringing a little bit more laughter into the world.

So with all sincerity, please do enjoy your Friday (responsibly) and have an awesome weekend.