How goes the fight for your screencap site? The throwbacks have been great, but I can't wait to hear more about girls' (and guys') night out!

Unfortunately, disneyscreencaps, the site we previously used for all of our Disney screencap needs, is still down because of copyright/piracy issues. There’s a petition you can sign to try to help get the ban lifted.

In the meantime, we have resorted to scouring the internet for screencaps from other sites, hence the attributions you will see below some of the more recent posts. This is more time consuming than our previous method, so post production may be affected.

Throwbacks were intended to be a stop-gap until we had more posts made. When there are new posts, throwbacks will stop. However, throwbacks may recommence when new posts run out so that we can continue to meet our goal of one post per day.

Throwbacks are pretty much over, though, so new posts should start and continue for the next two weeks or so! Enjoy!



The original Drunk Disney video - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - is now at its new home on the YouTube channel “Practical Folks”! Visit it here and give it the same love you gave it when it was a part of Comediocracy <3

Olaf would do it.

Ah yes, nothing like good ol’ Drunk Disney to get me through this infernal cold snap. Classic. It warms my heart, for sure.


are you a student?

who? you!

are you in college? high school? grad school? 

(if you are below or above these levels of education then this is a surprise and I would like to commend you for being cooler than other people your age)

sooooooooooooo, I decided to make another blog on a whim. you’ve probably had a moment where you’re reading your textbook (don’t look at me like that, some people do actually read their textbooks, okay) and thought to yourself, “wow! what a funny/stupid/interesting thing I’ve just read!”

(if not, just play along)

WELL, I have decided to compile many such moments into a single tumblr:! it’s still pretty new, but that’s no reason not to stop by and check it out! there’s an FAQ and everything, but don’t be shy about dropping a question/saying hello!

or you could not click the link. that’s cool, too. I promise.

have a lovely day :D


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