Wait so am I the only one who always knew it was a D? It made the d sound so I just assumed. It might help that my name started with a D I guess.

Never fear, I am sure you were not alone in your correct understanding of the Disney logo. Props to your child self, though!

Personally, while I understood that it was pronounced ‘Disney’ and the ‘duh’ sound was used when speaking, I had trouble then finding the appropriate key on the keyboard to match the way the logo looked. English is weird about pronunciation vs. spelling sometimes (e.g. “subtle”), so maybe I was just thinking about it too much.


Hey apparently DISNEYSCREENCAPS is back so you can go there for more shots. I remember it being a thing when it closed.

Yes! They’ve been back for a month or so. We have definitely been using them again for screenshots. Shout-out to everyone who signed the petition and helped get the site reinstated! 


I reported the phone case on Etsy as it clearly goes against their stance on intellectual property. Maybe if you give everyone a link to the page they can report it? The link to report the item is riiiiight down at the bottom of the page, on the right hand side.

These are the Etsy shops that I can find that we’ve been told use our image: CaseMode, aceDIY, HalloCat.

If you wish to report the item, we’d really appreciate it. As owltourrets said, the link to report an item is down in the lower right hand corner.


Hello! I'm sure you already get it a lot, but I really love your daily posts--I always seem to do a mini spit take before laughing every morning when I check up. I think my all time favorite is with Esmeralda and the Priest over about how Frollo thinks she's playing "hard to get". XD I'm tempted to just print that out and put it in my room. --Webs

aw, thanks, anon! it just so happens that that post is totally one of my faves as well!! anything with Frollo getting shut down is excellent, wouldn’t you agree?

and we here at DLFLN highly support printing and posting our mashups on your walls. then you can spit-take whenever you enter your room ;D


I LOVE FERNGULLYYYYYYYYYYY what perfect not Disney film to pick for Friday

I’m glad you liked it! We got a few messages about people’s love of Ferngully, so it was time to honor that. :)