The only thing I don't like about this blog is that it only updates once a day. It's become part of my daily ritual to log in to tumblr and see what my ladies and gents did last night, and you guys always leave me wanting more. (this is not actually meant as criticism you guys are wonderful and I commend you for keeping these up daily uwu)

D’aw, thanks! :)

We used to post as we created, but that resulted in some pretty dramatic peaks and valleys. Eventually we decided that using the queue to have one a day was the way to go. That way the posts are more spread out so you can all enjoy them longer!


I love how you ladies always find the perfect shot for each text! The eyes make me laugh every single time. :D

Thanks! We do our best to find the screencap with the greatest comedic effect. (Sometimes we find hilarious caps and save them just in case someday we find the perfect text for it.) Post creation is usually one of us laughing alone at our computer.


i just wanted to say thank you for the drunk disney rec it was the best 10 min i didn't know i needed in my life

You are most welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it widowmargaery. Now you do know that you need it in your life, though, so you’ll spend all your time between now and the next Drunk Disney wondering WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN. Don’t worry; someday your prince will come… and then you’ll get married and be The Queen, not A Queen.

In the meantime, you can check out the previous Drunk Disney videos on practicalfolks' Tumblr.




Drunk Disney: The Emperor’s New Groove is out and it features our first lady guest, Richelle Meiss! How do we joke about a movie that already jokes about itself? Lots of llama sex jokes.

Hey look! Another Drunk Disney! We drink every time Kronk is Kronk, which, I know, is a tautology, and you’re gonna get drunk drinking to a tautology, but it’s our series and we’ll do what we want.

FRIENDS! DISNEY FANS! COUNTRYMEN! LEND ME like ten minutes of your time for a new Drunk Disney episode…

The Emperor’s New Groove is a fantastic, oft-overlooked movie. We watched it for a movie night my freshman year at university, so it definitely holds up well. And with alcohol, it can be even more amusing!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to vote for the next movie!


(If Kronk was having a bad day and tried to dance would he be a cranky crumping Kronk?)