Drunk Disney #12 is out NOW and the movie is TANGLED! The Folks drink whenever Rapunzel’s hair would’ve gotten torn or dirty in real life, and discuss the various tiny plotholes in the movie (how can Rapunzel know baby talk if she’s never seen a baby?!)

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We love you all!

Is there anything better than eating 39¢ burritos and watching a new Drunk Disney after a long day of class??? Probably, but that’s not what I did today!

Drunk Disney: Tangled is so good I watched it twice in a row. I just had to hear Smash Mouth, architecture jokes, and purposeful character name mangling one more time. 

I’m so happy we have practicalfolks to drunkenly point out all the glaring holes we usually ignore when we suspend disbelief to watch a Disney movie. 


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