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Anonymous → If you run out of things to post, maybe you can start reblogging the posts from the very beginning. Like a rerun? I'm sure there are plenty of people that follow that haven't been around since the very beginning, so to them it would be like new material. Just a suggestion.

That’s a good suggestion! I queued up some stuff for after we run out of new posts. They’re tagged with “throwback.” Please excuse the weirdness with the font size, we were working some things out at the beginning. :)


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assholedisney → One Disney blog to another, you are doing great things :) I hope you have a nice day!
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Little Mix + Disney


THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We say it all the time, but we really do mean it: thank you! We’re so glad that all of you are supportive of this little old blog and our attempts to make you smile. Sometimes we feel like we’re so good at generating laughter, Monsters Inc. should hire us, amirite?

Anyhow, we hope you all are having a great end of the year! Thanks for sharing it with us, and to many years more! ♥


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Attention DisneyScreencaps.com fans!


With the permission of the website admin, I have created a petition to fight the decision made by Disney Antipiracy to ban the posting of Disney screencaps. I encourage you to please sign and share this petition! It is important that Disney understand this is a non-profit website, and that we all enjoy it. Lets remind them that Disney isn’t supposed to be about business and profit, but about sharing, enjoyment and MAGIC.



As we previously posted, the majority of our screencaps come from disneyscreencaps.com, so we have a vested interest in its continued existence. If you like us, you should like them. Please help keep them up and running!


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some disconcerting news

Hey, everybody!

Sooooooooo, it has come to our attention that our primary source for Disney screencaps (disneyscreencaps.com) has received a notice from the Disney corporation that they are in violation of Disney copyright. As a result, the majority of the website is now devoid of caps.

Obviously, there is no DLFLN without screencaps. This is not to say that DLFLN will perish, however! If you guys could visit the disneyscreencaps website and scroll down some, there is a hyperlink for an email address where you can voice your protest of the screencaps being taken down. Until anything happens on that front, however, if you know of any galleries that contain high quality Disney screencaps, please send us a message! We’ll do our best to bring you guys the best quality images we can.


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daleybeans-27 → Do you have a favorite Disney princess?

R speaking. I’m gonna answer this one. Because my finals are over. And I can. Mostly because my finals are over. 5 exams in 4 days. I wasn’t very happy.


OKAY, so I’m horrific at choosing favorites, so I’ll only mention one: Esmeralda!

(shhhhh I know she’s not a princess, it’s okay)

Ladies of color are the coolest and Esmeralda is a beautiful lady who can dance sexily and sing really well and she HAS A GOAT. Also, she is amazing because she stands up for justice and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions and she spit in Frollo’s face and shut him down multiple times, so she is clearly a winner. When I was little I had shoes with her face on it, as well as a few t-shirts.


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Anonymous → I just destroyed a keyboard cause I was laughing so hard. Laughter and nail varnish remover do not mix. And neither does nail varnisher remover and keyboards apparently :D Thankfully I have a spare! Also how do I go to older posts? I gots not idea!

There should be an arrow at the bottom of the column with the gif. Sometimes it doesn’t show up for people because of their browser set up (or something?), so you made need to go to full-screen mode. Otherwise you can type (really thankful for that second keyboard now, eh?) “/page/2”, or whatever number page you want to go to, at the end of the main url.

Hope that helps! And we’re really glad you enjoy the blog enough to ruin a keyboard (we’re glad you have a spare!).


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dontnuketheducks → Happy 100 pages, DLFLN! I may or may not know this because I read through the entire archive in 24 hours. Anything is possible.

Anything is possible if you just believe. And I believe you are correct! Look at that. Thank you!


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