Ahhhhhh I love the theme!! (Although heads up, the "message" box sends you to the FAQ instead of the ask box)

Thanks! Glad you like it! We’re really proud of DLFLN and DGFLN 3.0 :)

The rerouting is intentional. We are attempting to reduce the number of repetitive questions we receive. The ask box is at the bottom of the FAQ, so hopefully people will actually read the FAQ before they ask a question. We’ll see how well it works (so far so good).



Drunk Disney #9 is out! James, Chelsea, and Dave are joined by comedian Joey Bergren as they watch Robin Hood and drink to anything that might be considered a British stereotype.

Fun fact: Two drinks were cut from the final version of this video, meaning the gang got up to 17 drinks this time through, a new record. And it shows.


Oh, man what movie, what a drinking game, what valuable insight into one of the favorite movies from my youth.

(There was more marching than I remembered).

Don’t forget to vote for the next movie!


And now another Tumblr to follow. Thanks for all the laughs and I look forward to many more.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay!


Almost all of these things make me laugh! It's great because I've been having a crappy day, this is great! Thank you!

I’m glad we could almost always make you laugh! I hope the following days are better! :)