More good stuff I can't just link: Brian Hull sings "Let it go" with different Disney and Pixar voices. YouTube, "Disney and Pixar Sings Let it Go" The animated version is pretty fun

If y’all haven’t seen it already, check it out:

Thanks for sharing!


I continue to be astounded at how well you handle people on Fridays who do not read your faq and complain. You always answer them with patience and grace that would be difficult for me to continuously hold. Kudos to you, I love your blog and please keep at it. You guys do an awesome job and bring me joy.

Aw, thanks, Anonymous! :)))))

And thank you, also, to the other people (Anon and not), who sent us kind and inspiring messages in the wake of the last Free-for-All Friday fiasco.

For the most part, we only get nice messages, which makes it easier to handle the less-than-nice ones. :)


no tag in the directory for frozen yet? btw, hands down this is easily the tumblr I follow the most--I can't wait to see when there are updates! please please please please PLEASE (wishing on an evening star like charlotte lebeouf) don't stop!

Good call, Anonymous! I added Frozen and its characters to the directory for both Ladies and Gents.

Updates are every day at 12pm eastern time (unless we get too busy with work), and we have no plans to stop!


Is there a set schedule/rotation/etc for the throwback posts? Or are they just randomly queued up as pleased?

Excellent question, mentholcase

Throwback posts are queued for weekends. This way older posts make it into the rotation and our queue lasts a little bit longer. :)


Remove Disney from your URL to cartoon since you use all of them smh very disappointed

I will reiterate what is stated in the FAQ (See #7) to remind you that Saturday-Thursdays are for Disney posts only. Fridays are “Free-for-All Fridays,” in which we post non-Disney animated films. 

Your condescension, as always, is much appreciated, Anonymous, thank you.




For the 8th Drunk Disney, we watch Alice in Wonderland with Zack Bornstein of Garlic Jackson Comedy. And man, is that movie weird.

We drink every time Alice is being way too chill in this movie, which is a lot, cause she basically be walkin’ around on Valium the whole time

New Drunk Disney! Yaaaaay! :)))))

I never really thought about how well Alice took everything… she is super chill… too super chill… suspiciously super chill…

Don’t forget to vote for the next movie!