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Anonymous → Just because a song has no lyrics doesn't mean it's not a song. If you insist then what would you call the music of Back or Mozart that have no lyrics?? They are still songs even though they are wordless.

I don’t want this to become a “thing” on this blog — this isn’t really the place for this discussion — but I want to explain myself further in case I was unclear or confusing before.

When I took music lessons, I was told that works of music without words are referred to as “pieces” and not songs. Mozart and Bach wrote pieces and they wrote songs. Sometimes I think they have been adapted from songs to pieces or vice versa. Of course, everyone has different opinions and definitions. For us, while filling that ask meme, we defined a song as something sung, usually by a character. We also did try to acknowledge the other music in the movie, especially if it was something we felt strongly about.


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(Screencap from edele)

(Screencap from edele)

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Anonymous → You said that Atlantis: The Lost Empire doesn't have music - which is sort of true - but is not the soundtrack from the crystal chamber when Kida gets crystalized amazing? It gives me chills when I listen to it. Wait... it could be the fact that I'm sitting here with wet hair. My point is though that not all music has lyrics.

I completely agree that not all music has lyrics! But the question asks about our favorite songs, and songs are sung by people who sing. It’s like how a square is a rectangle but not all rectangles are squares; a song is music but not all music is songs.

I haven’t seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire recently enough to pass judgment on its soundtrack, but Disney does have a pretty good track record with music!


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(Screencap from grandecaps)

(Screencap from grandecaps)

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Anonymous → ariel!

Also asked by stormtrooperdick, thelast-timelady, smiley212, lifeinsidethegrey, agentiz, aandahate, and liliturra

Favorite thing about her?

B: Her curiosity.

R: Absolutely! It’s what pretty much fuels the plot of the film, after all. I know that Ariel is one of those characters that people like to take issue with because they believe that she “left everything for Eric,” but that just isn’t true. Ariel, from the moment we meet her, shows a visible and insatiable interest in humans. Meeting Eric is what pushes her interest over the edge and motivates her to seek out the human world she spent an entire song detailing how much she’d love to explore. It seems that a lot of people also seem to conveniently forget that Ariel, during her time as a human, is constantly in a state of wonder and excitement about her surroundings. As much as she loved her father and sisters, she found a new environment more enticing, did what she could to pursue opportunity, and then CHASED HER DREAMS. The journey wasn’t perfect, but I think that’d be expecting a bit much from anyone.

Least favorite thing about her?



Do I like her movie?

B: Yes! I’ve only seen it once that I can remember (R made me watch it with her.)

R: I LOVE “THE LITTLE MERMAID.” I used to sing the songs to my mom all the time. Like, the animation, the music, the story, the VILLAINESS… what’s not to love?? I still own Ariel bedsheets! I also am extremely fond of the version of this film made by Toei Animation. It actually sticks to the original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, and is therefore significantly more tragic, though no less enjoyable. I did grow up with both stories, though, and so I’ve always had an appreciation for both the original and Disney’s version.

Favorite outfit she wears?

B: I like the blue and black and white dress she wears when she and Eric are going around the town.

R: I do, too! It’s a lovely look, and the bow in her hair is adorable!! Although, the green dress Ariel wears in a lot of Disney’s merchandise is my favorite :)

Favorite song from her movie?

B: “Under the Sea” is always a good one. The one about her hoarding is also nice.

R: “Part of Your World,” is the title you’re thinking of B! It’s my favorite beyond a doubt. It gives such great insight into Ariel’s character and also shows the depth and intensity of her curiosity about humans. “Under the Sea” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” are close seconds, though… and who doesn’t enjoy “Kiss the Girl”?? I pretty much love this entire soundtrack!!

Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?

B: I’ve always liked Flounder. He’s like a small child but in fish form.

R: What an excellent way to put it, B! I have always loved Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle, but we’ve got to admit that Sebastian is the one who stayed by human Ariel’s side most. One of my favorite parts of the film is during the chef’s song when Sebastian is desperately trying to escape alive. Poor guy, he goes through so much in the movie for Ariel… And that accent is fantastic as well!

Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?

B: I also tend to save a lot of things… You never know when you might need them again!

R: I also save a TON of things! Other than that, as I’ve said before, I’m no risk-taker, so…

How would I rate her prince?

B: Eric seems like a pretty good guy. He’s good with animals and people, which is a plus.

R: Eric definitely seems like a good enough dude. He searches for his ~mysterious savior~ even when Ariel is by his side, but he really does come to like her on his own! Watching him run around town and fall in love with Ariel is always so sweet. Plus, HE CHASES AFTER HER AND CONFRONTS URSULA IN HER 1000 FT HIGH FORM. And then he stabs Ursula. Nicely done, Eric.

Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?

B: I feel like I’m too old for her story sometimes. She’s 16 and she wants to run away after this dude that she’s met once. That seems a little hasty, in my opinion. But I do like her! She’s probably a middling-level princess for me.

R: I totally understand B’s reasoning. This is gonna sound weird, but I actually was more fed up with Ariel when I was younger than now! I think it’s because her naivete and foolishness bothered me from the get-go, whereas now I expect younger people to do stupid things, LOL. Not that that justified her really rash decisions… Regardless, I LOVE Ariel. She’s probably a middling-but-slightly-higher princess for me!

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abluecarbuncle → Rapunzel! (love the blog)

Thanks! Also asked by Anonymous, snowmenlovetomelt, and haleyrios

Favorite thing about her?

B:  She’s got a lot of moxie, and I admire that. She really goes out of her comfort zone to pursue her dream of seeing the floating lights, and that can be hard to do!

R: Rapunzel is exceptionally sweet, brave, adventurous, stubborn, and intelligent. As B said, it’s never easy to pursue your dream, BUT SHE DID and she did it on her own terms using her wits to convince Eugene. And let’s not forget the fact that she was living in a less-than-ideal home environment! Imagine being locked up in a tower and forbidden to go out, or even talk to anyone else. Plus, Mother Gothel is a prime example of a manipulative and negative family member, and Rapunzel still managed to stay fab with that kind of influence.

Least favorite thing about her?

B: She’s had such a limited exposure to people, so I don’t know if I can really fault her this. But she’s so trusting! I would also like to believe in the good in people, but I think she takes it to an extreme.

R: Agreed! Like, she’s lucky Eugene wasn’t a terrible creep. She really was trusting him with her life.

Do I like her movie?

B: Yes! The animation is spectacular and the characters all have such character.

R: I love “Tangled”! Lovely animation, great characters, a solid soundtrack, and a compelling take on the fairytale! It’s a very sweet film with a lot of heart.

Favorite outfit she wears?

B: Um, she only has the one dress, right?

R: Well, she also has the dress at the end when she’s princess again! I rather like that one, though her usual dress is also very nice!

Favorite song from her movie?

B: I like the opening song. It’s super catchy, even if I can never remember all the words.

R: I like “I’ve Got a Dream”! It’s a super fun song to watch and all the little parts about the “fearsome” bar regulars are really cute! Plus, the bit where Eugene has to sing is great to see :D

Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?

B: PASCAL is so adorable! I love his facial expressions, too.

R: Maximus is a lot of fun, but I’ve gotta go with Pascal, too! He’s so expressive (in both his expressions and colors!) without ever making any noise. I love that he humored Rapunzel’s little dressmaking activities, too :)

Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?

B: Um. Her willingness to explore and meet new people and try new things.

R: Her love for art and reading! I’m not a risk-taker at all, and so I totally relate to Rapunzel’s more creative tendencies.

How would I rate her prince?

B: Flynn/Eugene is such a sweetie! I think it’s hilarious that they had a “hot man conference” or whatever in order to work out his character design. His evolution over the course of the movie is great, too.

R: Eugene is soooooooooo good-looking. The Hot Man Conference was definitely a success!! Also, as B said, he goes through quite a bit of development throughout the movie, all for the better! His dry humor and sarcasm are great fun to watch, AND LET’S NEVER FORGET “THE LOOK” HE GIVES RAPUNZEL. Plus, the scene where he sacrifices himself for Rapunzel ALWAYS gets me, and is really testament to his growth.

Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?

B: I like Rapunzel a lot. For some reason, I generally don’t think of her when I’m thinking of my favorite princesses. Maybe it’s because her animation style is different? I don’t know…

R: That’s actually an excellent point, B. I always have and always will favor traditional cel animation to CGI, and, for all I know, that might have a subconscious influence on why Rapunzel isn’t a top favorite… More than anything, though, I think it’s because “Tangled” came out relatively recently. So I don’t really have the kind of fond nostalgia I do for other ladies.


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