Do you find it ironic that the latest Disney ice skating extravaganza is "Frozen on Ice"? Are you going to go see it?

"You know what our ‘Disney on Ice’ franchise needs? More ice? YES PERFECT!!!!"

-some Disney executives probably

I mean really how are they going to show that suddenly everything is covered in ice when it’s… already… covered in ice??? 

I’m not planning on going to see it, but maybe if it comes to town R and I will go, just to see how they make things twice as frozen.

Today, instead of working, I read through 76 pages of your tumblr. Thank you for helping me be productive. (honestly I didn't have much to do anyways... but that's not the point!) New favorite blog? I think so.

D’aw, thanks and welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay. :)


Psst: I think something's gone wrong with the Gents' queue as there hasn't been an update for a couple days.

Ah, yes! About that. R and I just started back up at school last month, so we haven’t had a chance to make any new posts in a while. I can’t say for sure when we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting, but we will be back eventually! Thanks for your message and patience.